About Me



When inspiration meets passion, it becomes an obsession, and I have an undeniable obsession for creating art, capturing the human spirit and telling stories through imagery. I seek to authentically tell your story, by taking your audience on a journey through aesthetically beautiful images that embody 'you'.


Outside of family, photography is my life. If I’m not shooting, I’m editing, location scouting, searching for inspiration, chasing light, learning, talking, walking breathing everything photography. It is my greatest passion in life.

So, what’s it like to work with me?

I’m warm, energetic, passionate, friendly, enthusiastic and down to earth. I will help you feel at ease, beautiful and capable. I am here to help bring out your most inner beauty- and I will absolutely find it. I’m directive but also know the best moments are found in a natural state of flow. I love bringing emotion to life and work with natural light to craft effortless imagery.  To me, photography is all about people, connection and energy.  I'm grateful for each new connection - thank you for being here.

~ Britt James